TOP-Flex Chimney Liners for Wood & Wood Pellets

The TOP-Flex standard liner is available in 316L/316TI Stainless Steel. It is designed to reline existing chimneys or be used in new construction. Manufactured in the highest grade mill certified alloys. It's unique manufacturing system used to make TOP-Flex utilizes a continuous strip of stainless steel, interlocked and diagonally crimped to produce a gas and water tight lining system of superior strength & durability. It's corrugated construction allows for expansion and contraction during heat up and cool down periods, removing any stress on the system! (transferable LIFETIME WARRANTY)

Please Note: The items below are TOP-Flex Liners only. If you are looking for a TOP-Flex Kit for this same application please refer to the TOP-Flex Liner Kits for Wood Applications page.

TOP-Flex Liner 316 Titanium ROUND
Manufactured with .006 thick 316 Titanium Stainless Steel:

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Quick Help

  • How do I know what size DIAMETER & LENGTH Chimney liner I need?
    For Hot Water Heaters and Oil Furnaces the ideal diameter of the Chimney liner needed to vent your appliance is the size on your unit. For example, if it has a 6" opening where the pipe is to be inserted, that is the ideal size Chimney liner you need. However, the interior of your chimney (especially after insulating) may not have the adequate space. With the use of an increaser / reducer, according to the safety codes, you may be able to go up or down one size and your unit should still function appropriately. To measure the length you need, measure from the top of the chimney flue tile or crown, down to the thimble where the liner will come through your wall to hook up to your appliance.

    For your Fireplace, you need to calculate the maximum size flue liner you can install. At the chimney crown, on your roof, you need to measure the inside diameter of your existing flue opening. Next, inside your home, measure the height and width of your fireplace opening. Refer to our Fireplace Sizing Chart to help you find the liner diameter size you need.

    If you are relining for a Woodstove, Corn or Wood Pellet Stove you need to measure from the top of the chimney crown down to where you will hook-up the stove. For the diameter liner size, you will need to measure the inside dimension of the exhaust on your stove.

  • What if I have 2 or more appliances venting through the same "chimney"?
    If you currently have two existing flues in your chimney and you are leaving the "flue tiles" in, treat each "flue" separately depending on if it is a Fireplace, Fireplace Insert, Furnace, Water Heater, or Wood, Corn or Wood Pellet Stove and order the liner appropriate for that application. If the flue tiles are cracked, deteriorating, or missing mortar joints between them, we recommend removing them before installing a TOP-Flex or TOP-Rigid Chimney Liner. Always make sure the flue tiles are entirely cleaned & free of creosote before installing any liner.

  • What if I have 2 or more appliances venting into one "flue"?
    It is possible to have a gas & oil appliance vented through the same flue, if so you should use a TOP-Flex 316TI liner. Depending on how this is terminated at the bottom of your chimney you may need to stack one tee on top of the other and will need to order an "OD" 2-Part Tee. Depending on distance between your units, you have to run a piece of liner between the two tees, you will need to order an additional"ID" 2-Part Tee.

  • Do I need to replace the clay flue tiles before installing TOP-Flex or TOP-Rigid Chimney Liner?
    No, our Chimney liners are made to replace the clay flue tiles. They will protect your chimney better from heat loss or gain and reduce your chance of having a chimney fire. With proper cleaning & maintenance you should never have to replace it again!

  • What if I have to stack or attach two tees together because I have two appliances to hook-up?
    Your Chimney liner kit will come with a tee. That will be the tee you connect to your liner. You then need to order an additional "OD" 2-part tee. That tee will connect to the bottom of your first tee. (This does not apply to Pellet Tees).

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