TOP WRAP Insulation

TOP WRAP Insulation Kit
Manufactured with 1/2" thick Foil-Faced Ceramic Wool:

Kit Includes:

  • One 1/2 thick Foil-Faced Ceramic Wool Blanket
  • One 16oz. can of Spray Adhesive
  • One 150 ft roll of Foil Tape
  • One 25 ft roll of stainless steel Mesh
  • Three Mesh Clamps

  • Installation:

    1 - Unroll the TOP WRAP INSULATION & place the liner down in the center of the insulation.
    2 - Spray the inside of the insulation with SPRAY ADHESIVE.
    3 - Bring the sides of the insulation together around the liner & secure the seam with FOIL tape.
    4 - Wrap the entire wool wrapped liner with MESH.
    5 - Secure the mesh to the insulation with THREE MESH CLAMPS; one at the top, middle & bottom.

    Fuel Legend

    Quick Chimney Insulation Facts

  • Wood, Wood Pellet, & Coal applications require insulation.

  • Oil & Gas appliances are recommended to have insulation, but not required.

  • A minimum 1 clearance is needed from the exterior of the masonry structure to combustibles.

  • Two types of insulation are available:
    TOP Mix is a Vermiculite based poured insulation and contains NO asTOP-os
    TOP Wrap is 1/2" thick Foil-Faced Ceramic Wool Blanket that provides the zero clearance requirement

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