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Minuteman Clean Out Door
Manufactured with Cast-Iron:
NOTE: This is the door found at the base of your chimney either inside or outside your home. This opening is important for easy, convenient cleaning of your chimney at least once a year. They are constructed of heavy-duty Cast-Iron & available in 3 different sizes.
Item Inside Dimensions Outside Dimensions
8"x8" 8" X 8" 10-1/2" X 10-1/2"
8"x12" 8" X 12" 11" X 17-1/2"
12"x12" 12" X 12" 15-1/2" X 15-1/2"

Custom Input
NOTE: This CUSTOM Input is used for customers who need special orders and customization done to their products. Please to do not use this button unless you have talked to our customer service department and have been instructed to do so. Thank you CS dept.

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