TOP-Flex Aluminum Chimney Liner Kits for GAS (83% eff & lower)

TOP-Flex Aluminum Liner Kit
Manufactured with 2-ply 3003 Aluminum:

Each TOP-Flex Aluminum Liner Kit for GAS Kit includes:
Aluminum Liner:
UL Listed & Tested 2-ply 3003
Aluminum Mortar Collar:
for slipping the liner through the thimble
Aluminum Cap:
Aluminum Top Plate:
with 16"X16" plate size and a 2" high collar around the hole diameter.
Easy to read Installation Instructions & a 15 YEAR WARRANTY!

TOP-Flex Aluminum Male/Male Coupler
Manufactured with 2-ply 3003 Aluminum:
Use our Male/Male Coupler made especially to fit two sections of our TOP-Flex Aluminum Liner together.

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Quick Help

  • How do I find out the efficiency of my gas unit, so I know to use a 316TI Liner or an Aluminum Chimney Liner?
    The efficiency rating should be located on your unit in a percentage (%) format. If the unit is 83% efficient or lower, you can use Aluminum. However, if it is 84% or higher you should use 316TI.

  • How do I know what size DIAMETER & LENGTH Chimney liner I need?
    The ideal diameter of the liner needed to vent your appliance is the size collar coming off your unit where the liner will be connected. To find the length, you need to measure from the chimney crown, on the roof, to where the liner will connect to the gas appliance. Don't forget to order enough for it to bend through any offsets & make the corner through the wall thimble to your unit.

  • What does 2-Ply 3003 mean?
    Our TOP-Flex Aluminum Chimney Liner is fabricated with 2 layers of Aluminum. (Think of 2-ply toilet paper!) 3003 is the grade of Aluminum needed for venting low efficiency gas appliances.

  • How do I connect two pieces of Aluminum Chimney Liner together?
    You can connect Aluminum liner by using a male/male coupler

  • What if I need more than 50 feet of Aluminum Chimney Liner?
    Our extension kits (EX. 5" x 10' extension) are an extra 10 feet of liner and includes an aluminum male/male coupler to attach to the liner you received in the TOP-Flex Aluminum Chimney Liner Kit.

  • How do I stretch the compressed Aluminum Chimney Liner before installing it?
    Wearing gloves, simply grasp each end of the TOP-Flex Aluminum Chimney liner and pull; allowing the liner to twist in a counter clockwise direction. All our liners are run to the appropriate footage then cut, so make sure you pull until you have reached the liner length you ordered!

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